Result List of the Simple Search


You can display the search criteria used for the search; underneath this you can display the total number of hits for the search, and the result list. A maximum of 25 hits are displayed in the list. If the number of hits exceeds 25, we recommend that you restrict the search further.

The system displays the most important message data for every result, as well as the first 160 characters of the description created for the problem message.


If you want to display a detailed view for an entry in the result list, click the current number (Number) of the relevant message. By doing this, you display all of the information available for a selected message; that is, all available message data and message texts.
You can save the detailed view as a URL. To do this, click the displayed link with the right mouse button.

If you want to change the search, change the displayed search criteria. Then choose Search.

If you want to start a new search, choose Clear and follow the procedure described under Simple Search.