-8050: Migration error


An error occurred while migrating a database instance with a database catalog stored in ASCII format (special database parameter: _UNICODE = NO) to a UNICODE database instance (database parameter: _UNICODE = YES). The cause of the error is logged in the knldiag or knldiag.err file.

User Response

The action you need to take depends on what caused the error:

The database instance and its current software needs to have been in ONLINE mode at least once before the migration can start.

?     "UNHANDLED ENTRY TYPE: " + number of record type
The database catalog contains a record type that will not be migrated. All unhandled records are collected and an entry is written for each one. Contact Support.

?     "ERROR HANDLING TYPE " + number of record type
An error has occurred while processing a database catalog record of the type shown in the message. Migration is canceled. The record is saved to the work directory, under the name
MIGERRORREC.BIN. Contact Support.

?     "ERROR WHEN RECREATING VIEW" + initial text of the defined view
An error has occurred while restoring a view table.
Depending which error occurred, you must delete the relevant view table and, if necessary, regenerate it after the migration.

Database procedures or triggers were defined based on tables. However, the tables, columns, or users have since been renamed. These cannot be recreated. The system generates a list of all the database procedures and triggers that cannot be recreated. Migration is then canceled.
The database procedures/triggers could no longer be used at the time of migration, and so they must be deleted.

?     "CONSTRAINTTEXT IS TOO LONG:" + name of constraint
A constraint's definition text would exceed the maximum length if it were converted to UNICODE during migration. You must either delete or modify the constraint.

The database instance already appears to be UNICODE-enabled.

?     "_UNICODE has to be YES for migration"
The migration was started even though the database parameter _UNICODE was set as NO.