Initializing Client Tables


You initialize the client tables of a client instance. The Synchronization Manager copies the data from the respective master tables to the message server. If you start the synchronization service of a client instance, this synchronization service copies this data to the client tables.


·        The client tables contain no data records.

If client tables already contain data records, that data is ignored in the synchronization. When the client tables are initialized, the Synchronization Manager copies data records to the client tables even if they are already in the table.

·        The master database instance and the client database instance are both in the ONLINE operational state.

·        You have logged on to the message server with the Synchronization Manager GUI.

·        You have logged on to the master instance with the Synchronization Manager GUI; see Logging On To a Database Instance.

·        You have activated the replication units that are to participate in the synchronization.



       1.      You are on the Replication Units tab page.

Select the replication unit whose client tables you want to initialize.

       2.      Choose Replication Units ® Send Content to Client.


The client tables now contain all the data from the master tables, except for the data that was excluded from the synchronization in the definitions of the replication units.

Now you can configure synchronization services.