Properties of the MaxDB ODBC Driver

The MaxDB ODBC driver supports the complete ODBC SQL syntax. You can find detailed information about ODBC function calls at in the documentation ODBC Programmer‘s Reference.

The MaxDB ODBC driver extends the standard ODBC SQL syntax in the following areas:

?     Database procedures can be processed as SQL statements.

The ODBC syntax for procedures does not allow any return values for functions.

See SQL Reference Manual, Name of a Database Procedure (dbproc_name).

?     The MaxDB ODBC driver supports the following types of cursors that can be positioned: static, dynamic, and key set-driven. Using the function SQLSetPos, an application can execute positioning INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

See SQL Reference Manual, DECLARE CURSOR Statement (declare_cursor_statement).


ODBC-API Compatibility

Supported Data Types

Unicode Support

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