Updating the Standby Instance


At regular intervals, you repeat the data changes in the original instance in the standby instance (Standby Database) by reading in the log backups of the original instance into the standby instance. You can use scripts to automate this process.

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Database Administration Tutorial, Setting Up and Updating Standby Instances


You have set up a standby instance.



       1.      Create log backups in your active original instance at regular intervals.


0     Database Manager GUI, Backup Procedures

0     Database Manager CLI, autolog_on or backup_start

       2.         Import these log backups regularly into the standby instance after the desired time delay.


0     Database Manager GUI: Restoring Without a Backup History.

0     Database Manager CLI: recover_start and recover_replace


The standby instance now contains the same data as the original instance at the time the last log backup was created in the original instance. You can use the standby instance as the active instance at any time.