Evaluating the Restart Information and Backup History for Importing Backups


To restore a database instance or set up a standby instance, you import backups into a database instance. Before you can import data and log backups, you first have to determine

?     with which page to begin the import

?     in which backup this page is located

?     which backup is the next to be imported

To find out, you display the restart information of the database instance into which the backups are being imported. The restart information contains, among other things, information on which log pages are in the log area, i.e. starting with which page (First Log Page) and up to which page (Used Log Page).

You also display the backup history of the database instance of which the backups were created.

Among other things, the backup history tells you

?     for data backups, which page should be imported after this backup while restoring

?     for log backups, which log pages are in the respective backup, i.e. from which page number to which page number

How you use this information depends on whether you are restoring a database instance or setting up a standby instance.

To read the prerequisites, see Database Manager CLI, db_restartinfo, backup_history_open, backup_history_list

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