Activating Automatic Log Backup


If automatic log backup is on, the system continuously saves the contents of the log area in files.

To read the prerequisites, see Database Manager CLI, autolog_on

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You want to back up the log area automatically at regular intervals.

You have already executed a data backup. You have defined a backup template of type FILE with the name DemoFileLog for the backup type LOG or AUTO.


Call the Database Manager CLI and log on as DBM operator OLEG with password MONDAY, connect to the database instance DEMODB, activate automatic log backup using the backup template DemoFileLog:

>dbmcli –u OLEG,MONDAY –d DEMODB autolog_on DemoFileLog



Automatic log backup is on.

We recommend that you regularly archive the backup files produced by the automatic log backup function.

If you want to archive the files in the file system of another computer, use operating system commands.

If you want to archive the files using backup tools from other providers, you can use DBM commands to save the contents of the backup files in pipes, which can then be read by the backup tools.

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