Complete Data Backup to a Tape


You back up all the data in the data area of the database instance to a tape.

You can display the status of the backup operation with the DBM command backup_state. When you execute this DBM command, the system displays the progress of the backup.

To read the prerequisites, see Database Manager CLI, backup_start, backup_state

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Concepts of the Database System, Backing Up Data


You want to execute a complete data backup to a tape.

You have defined a backup template of type TAPE with the name DemoTapeCompl for the complete data backup.



       1.      Call the Database Manager CLI in session mode and log on as DBM operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database instance DEMODB:

>dbmcli –u OLEG,MONDAY –d DEMODB

dbmcli on DEMODB>

       2.      Open a database session:

dbmcli on DEMODB>db_connect


       3.      Start the backup operation using the backup template named DemoTapeCompl:

dbmcli on DEMODB>backup_start DemoTapeCompl


Returncode              0

Date                    20051101

Time                    00113310

Server                  GENUA

Database                DB7.6

Kernel Version          Kernel    7.6.00   Build 018-003-000-000

Pages Transferred       3800

Pages Left              0

Volumes                 1

Medianame               DemoTapeCompl

Location                \\.\tape0


Label                   DAT_000000010

Is Consistent           true

First LOG Page          10615

Last LOG Page

DB Stamp 1 Date         20051101

DB Stamp 1 Time         00113309

DB Stamp 2 Date

DB Stamp 2 Time

Page Count              3775

Devices Used            1

Database ID             GENUA:DB7.6_20051014_142158

Max Used Data Page      0

Converter Page Count    11


dbmcli on DEMODB>


After you have executed the DBM command, information about the backup is output. This information is only given when the backup has been ended or interrupted. For this reason, the response to this DBM command can take a long time.