Configuring Web SQL / WebDAV


You configure the following MaxDB software:

?     Web SQL and/or

?     WebDAV-Servlet

The further development of Web DBM has been stopped. The MaxDB software package only contains Web DBM up to and including Version 7.5. You can also manage Version 7.6 database instances with Web DBM 7.5 however.


?     You have installed and started a Servlet Container such as Apache Tomcat, SAP NetWeaver AS or JBoss.

?     You have installed the MaxDB JDBC interface.

?     You have installed the MaxDB software component or the corresponding installation profile for Web SQL or WebDAV:

Software components:

0     WebSQL

0     WebDAV Servlet

Installation profile:

0     WebJTools

The software is installed in the directory <independent_program_path>\servlets\websql  or <independent_program_path>\servlets\webdav. You can find more information on the files in the Readme file in this directory.

?     For the WebDAV Servlet, you also need a MaxDB database instance ? Version 7.6.

The WebDAV Servlet is a new implementation of the MaxDB WebDAV interface. If you have already used WebDAV for access to a MaxDB database instance in MaxDB 7.5, the installation program automatically adapts your WebDAV document store for use with the new WebDAV Servlet (assigning the tables to the necessary schemas, among other things).



       1.      Make the MaxDB JDBC driver available in your Servlet Container.

       2.      Carry out the deployment procedure in the Servlet Container. You can find more information on how to deploy a Servlet in your Servlet Container in the Servlet Container manufacturer documentation.

       3.      For installation of the WebDAV Servlet only:

The MaxDB WebDAV Servlet is supplied with example configuration files for the Apache Tomcat, SAP NetWeaver AS and JBoss servlet containers. You can find these files in the following directory: <independent_program_path>\servlets\webdav.

If you are using one of these types of Servlet Container, you need to adapt the corresponding example configuration file to your system environment:

0     Enter the MaxDB database instance as the data source in the configuration files relevant for your Servlet Container and then the authentication data for an arbitrary MaxDB database user of the MaxDB database instance.

We recommend you use a dedicated database user for the WebDAV Servlet. See Concepts of the Database System, Database Users.

0     If necessary, configure the WebDAV context path. The default value for the context path is /sdbwebdav.

0     For SAP NetWeaver AS only:

In the Deployment Descriptor, enter the authentication data for the SAP NetWeaver AS administrator user for the J2EE engine.


You can now call WebSQL / WebDAV via the context path.


Context Path (Default)





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