Structure of SQLDBC


SQLDBC is comprised of the runtime library libSQLDBC for executing programs that access a MaxDB database instance, the software development kit SQLDBC SDK for developing database applications and database interfaces for MaxDB, and the sqldbc_cons tool for writing traces.



libSQLDBC contains the following libraries:

·        Version-independent runtime library libSQLDBC.dll or (UNIX/Linux)

·        Version-dependent runtime library libSQLDBC<version>.dll or libSQLDBC<version>.so (UNIX/Linux)

libSQLDBC76.dll for MaxDB 7.6

·        Runtime library libSQLDBC_C.dll for the support of native C applications

All libraries run independently of each other and have no dependencies with other MaxDB libraries. They are installed in the <independent_program_path>/pgm directory.


SQLDBC SDK contains the following files:

·        Header file SQLDBC.h for C++

·        Header file SQLDBC_C.h for C

·        Static and dynamic link libraries for C and C++

The files are installed in the <independent_program_path>/sdk/sqldbc directory.


See sqldbc_cons