Updating the Database Software

After you have updated the database software, you can use the Database Manager GUI to make sure that the database instance recognizes the new software version.


       1.      Update the database software.

       2.      Start the database instance.
The first time the Database Manager GUI is started after updating the database software, it automatically adjusts the database parameters of the database instance to the database parameters of the new database software version.

       3.      To update the system tables, choose Instance ® Configuration ® Upgrade System Tables.


The Database Manager creates a copy of the parameter file each time a database parameter is changed.

UNIX: <independent_data_path>/config/<database_name>.<running_number>
Microsoft Windows: <independent_data_path>\config\<database_name>.<running_number>

<running_number>: Version of the copy, starting with 01

Should errors occur while loading the parameters, the operation can be undone by restoring the original parameter file.

To do this, use the Database Manager CLI program to copy the file <database_name>.<running_number> (copy of parameter file) back to <database_name> (active parameter file).