Continuing an Interrupted Restore

If a Restore process is interrupted, you have the option of continuing it later with the Recovery Wizard.


The database instance is in the ADMIN operational state.

One of several possible restore procedures has been started but canceled before it had been completed.

?     Restoring from the Last Backup in the Backup History

?     Restoring a Backup from the Backup History

?     Restoring Without a Backup History


Use the Recovery Wizard.


       1.      Choose Continue restoring increment/Log.
You have the option of restoring the database up to a specified time. In this case, select
Restore database until a specified time and enter a time.
The system default is the current time. If you do not change the time proposed by the system, the backups are restored in full together with all the changes they contain.

       2.      This displays a list of all relevant log backups made for data backups that have already been restored.

       3.      Continue with the restore process. You can follow the progress of the restore process and its completion on the screen display.

       4.      Choose Restart to start the database instance.


When you restore a series of backups, the Recovery Wizard prompts you to insert the next backup data carrier each time, unless you are restoring from an automatic tape loader.