Backups with Automatic Tape Loaders

You can use the Database Manager GUI to back up data or log entries using automatic tape loaders. The Backup Wizard supports automatic tape loaders.

Alternatively, you can use a backup tool from another provider (Backing Up with Backup Tools from Other Providers).


Under normal circumstances, you should back up database instances in the ONLINE operational state.

You can also back up database instances in the ADMIN operational state, but only in exceptional circumstances.

Make sure you have enough tapes available.

Before a backup, check that write-protection is disabled on all tapes otherwise the entire backup operation will be terminated.


Creating Backup Templates

If you want to use an automatic tape loader, choose the following settings when you create the backup template (see Backup Template for a Single Data Carrier, Backup template for a Group of Parallel Data Carriers or Changing Backup Templates):

?     General
Choose Tape as data carrier type (Device Type).

?     Extended
On the Microsoft Windows operating system, this defines automatic loading of tapes.
If you are using any other operating system, use the appropriate command for loading tapes. Enter the operating system command in the
OS Command field.

Executing a Backup

When you back up the data, proceed as described under Backing Up to a Single Data Carrier or Backing Up to a Group of Parallel Data Carriers.

After you insert the tape cartridge in the autoloader, the first tape must be selected manually.

When the end of this tape is reached, the autoloader will then take the next tape available.


At the end of the backup, the tape device shows the number of tapes written. The tapes should be marked with the backup label which was displayed and confirmed at the start of the backup.

You can check the results of your log backups using the Backup History.

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