Backup Procedures

You can execute backups of data or log entries interactively with the Database Manager GUI or with the Backup Wizard. Depending on the technical requirements, the following backup procedures are possible:

?     Backing up to a Single Data Carrier

?     Backing Up to a Group of  Parallel Data Carriers

If the capacity of the selected data carrier(s) is sufficient for the total quantity of data or log entries that needs to be backed up, then the database administrator does not need to intervene during the backup process.

If the capacity of the selected data carrier/data carriers is not sufficient for the backup, succeeding data carriers must be used so that, when one data carrier is full, it is automatically or manually replaced by an empty data carrier:

?     Backups with Automatic Tape Loaders

?     Backups to Manually Changed Data Carriers (Succeeding Data Carriers)

When a data carrier has been completely filled but the backup has not yet been completed, the Backup Wizard requests additional data carriers. To allow it to do this, the data carrier size must be stated when defining the backup template, or the tape device must detect the end of the tape.

You also have the option of using backup tools from other providers.

?     Backups with Backup Tools from other Providers

There is an automatic backup function for backing up the log entries:

?     Activating and Deactivating Automatic Log Backup

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