Parse Activities

Parse activities <percentage>%, <number of> prepares, <number of> commands


The number of parse activities in the total number of executed statements is very high.

Before an SQL statement is executed for the first time, it has to be analyzed (parsed) first. To do this, the database system determines the possible access strategies and saves the statement to the database instance in a compact form. When the statement is executed again, only this internal information is accessed, and the statement is executed directly.

In applications that are based on ODBC and use the PREPARE statement, the developer is responsible for the number of parse or EXECUTE requests.

If the SQLDBC or JDBC interface is used, and the parse info cache is active, the corresponding interface is responsible for optimizing the parse requests.

A high level of parse activity when the database is running can indicate a missing statement cache implementation in your application, or a deactivated parse info cache in the JDBC interface.

A high level of parse activity is normal when programs or program components are started for the first time.