Installing the Development Environment


·        Perl 5.005 (ActivePerl) or above

·        Python 1.5.2 or above

We recommend that you install Perl and Python on Microsoft Windows in directories whose paths do not contain blank characters.

·        Visual C++ 6.0 or Visual C++ 7.0 (Microsoft Windows) or C/C++ Compiler gcc (UNIX/Linux)

·        bison, flex (UNIX/Linux only)



       1.      Download the zip archive (Microsoft Windows) or the tgz archive (UNIX/Linux) that contains the development environment. See Download and Installation Profile.

       2.      UNIX/Linux only:

Check whether your browser has changed the file extension from .tgz to .tar. If it has, then rename the archive .tgz again.

       3.      Unpack the archive in a directory that does not contain blank characters.

The DevTool directory is created.

       4.      Execute the script  in the DevTool directory.

Ў        The script searches in the %PATH% or $PATH environment variables for the  Perl and Python installations.

Ў        You are asked to specify your preferred text editor.

Ў        The iprofile.tmp file is created.


The development environment was installed.

To change MaxDB programs and recreate them, install the source code and initialize the development environment.