You use this parameter to specify the fully qualified host name of the host on which the ICM is running, and which can be contacted for requests. For example, ls3022.wdf.sap-ag.de instead of ls3022.

If this parameter is not set, the system queries the operating system for the host name. With several host names, this parameter can override this value.


Work area

Internet Communication Manager


Character string

Standard value


Dynamically changeable


Value Range and Syntax

The character string is the fully-qualified name of the ICM host.


A host has the two fully qualified host names saphost.sap.com and ls12345.sap.com. If the parameter is not set, the operating system uses the name ls12345.sap.com because this is the first one in etc/hosts. If, however, you want the host to be addressed externally by the name saphost.sap.com, set parameter:

icm/host_name_full = saphost.sap.com.

If you want to address the host using a completely different name, you can use the following mechanisms of the Internet Communication Framework:

External Aliases

Virtual Hosts