Area menu

The area menu is located on the left-hand side of the Web Administration Interface and is divided into subareas. The last menu item is different depending on whether you are operating an ICM or a Web dispatcher.

Core System

The core system contains the runtime environment and infrastructure, and is used by both the Web dispatcher and the Internet Communication Manager (ICM).

This submenu contains the following areas:

Core System (Web Dispatcher and ICM)




Overview of the existing worker threads (see architecture of the ICM)

Active Services

Monitors, starts, and deactivates active services (ports). Changes however are lost when system is restarted. To make permanent changes use profile parameter icm/server_port_<xx>.

Active Connections

Connections currently active.


Displays, resets, downloads trace file. Sets trace level


Displays values of profile parameters in the ICM/Web dispatcher environment.

Host Name Buffer

Displays values of the Host Name Buffer, and resets the buffer.

Release Information

Displays release notes


Displays statistics

MPI Status

Displays status of MPI communication buffer.

ICM Security Log

Security log settings, log file display (see icm/security_log)

HTTP Handler

This area contains the functions of the HTTP handler that is part of both the ICM and Web dispatcher.

HTTP Module (Web Dispatcher and ICM)



Access Log

Displays parameters and protocol file.

Server Cache

Displays parameterization and cache entries.

Access Handler

Configuration of access restrictions; see icm/HTTP/auth_<xx>.

Admin handler

Creates, changes, and deletes administration users and passwords

Dispatching Module (Web Dispatcher only)

The dispatching module is part of the SAP Web dispatcher, which implements the selection of the application server depending on protocol, configuration, load balancing procedure, and so on. 

The Web admin interface of an SAP Web dispatcher still contains the following areas on the left-hand side:

Dispatching Module (Web Dispatcher only)



Monitor Server Groups

Displays current server groups for ABAP, J2EE. Displays response times, availability of servers, load factor (see Server Selection and Load Balancing Using SAP Web Dispatcher)

With the context menu (right mouse button) you can deactivate and reactivate application servers here also. Inactive servers do not get any requests from the Web dispatcher.

You can also sent ping requests (HTTP and HTTPS) to each server.

SSL End To End Dispatching

Displays parameters and entries in the client IP table (see End-to-End SSL)

URL Mapping

Displays the URL mapping table (see Architecture and Functions of the SAP Web Dispatcher)

URL Filter

URL filter settings (see SAP Web Dispatcher ass URL Filter)


Displays parameters specific to the Web dispatcher (see Profile Parameters of the SAP Web Dispatcher).

Session Dispatching

Details about session dispatching (default setting is deactivated). For more information see Determining the Server Group.

ICM (ICM only)

The Web admin interface of an ICM still contains the following areas with ICM-specific functions on the left-hand side:




Application server

Status of the application server (see Monitoring the ICM State, section HTTP Server).