J2EE Engine with DB Data Source


Use this installation to run dedicated Java applications on an SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java (AS Java), which access neither an ABAP system, nor a non-SAP system, and which do not use user data of an external system. In this case, the data source of the User Management Engine (UME) is the AS Java database.

Examples of this scenario are as follows:

·        The AS Java as a development platform

·        A Java application that is connected to SAP backend systems using a small number of service users, but which does not use the same user data as the SAP backend system.

The default installation is an AS Java with UME and SAP NetWeaver Portal.


Administer all user data with the UME administration console. If you are using the portal, you can administer the portal roles and user-role assignments with the portal tools.


Select the database as the data source during the installation of the J2EE Engine.

See also:

·        UME Data Sources

·        SAP Notes 780679 and 718383