User Management

User Management Tools

SAP NetWeaver provides user management tools for both application platforms, Java and ABAP. See the table below.

User Management Tools


Detailed Description

User Management for the ABAP Engine (transaction SU01)

Use the user management transaction SU01 to maintain users in ABAP-based systems.

Profile Generator (transaction PFCG)

Use the profile generator to create roles and assign authorizations to users in ABAP-based systems.

Central User Administration (CUA)

Use the CUA to centrally maintain users for multiple ABAP-based systems. Synchronization with a directory server is also supported.

User Management Engine (UME) administration console

Use the Web-based UME administration console to maintain users, roles and authorizations in Java-based systems that use the UME for the user store, for example, the SAP J2EE Engine and the Enterprise Portal. The UME also supports various persistency options, such as the ABAP Engine or a directory server. 

SAP J2EE Engine user management using the Visual Administrator

Use the Visual Administrator to maintain users and roles on the SAP J2EE Engine. The SAP J2EE Engine also supports a pluggable user store concept. The UME is the default user store.

User Types

It is often necessary to specify different security policies for different types of users. For example, your policy may specify that individual users who perform tasks interactively have to change their passwords on a regular basis, but not those users under which background processing jobs run. Therefore, we classify different users types in the different products.

The primary classification consists of either individual users or technical users, however, the exact classification depends on the tool used. For user types on the ABAP Engine, see the topic User Types for ABAP. On the J2EE Engine, the user types are classified according to the group assignment and security policies. See the topic User Types for the J2EE Engine.

Standard Users

See the individual security guides for each of the SAP NetWeaver products you use as well as for the operating system and database platforms for a list of the standard users delivered and the corresponding security recommendations.

Additional Information

For more information about user management within SAP NetWeaver, see:

·        Identity Management

·        Security guides for the individual products used