Virus Protection and SAP GUI Integrity Checks

General Recommendations

The spreading of software viruses is not a new topic of discussion. Viruses have infected thousands of systems over the past several years and they should not be taken lightly. A successful virus infection can destroy data or block systems within moments. The spreading of viruses has been harmful enough on isolated machines where a single hard drive has been the storage medium. With the use of networks, the damage incurred by a virus infection increases enormously. An infected network can be rendered useless, costing a company money, time, and assets to re-establish itself. There are numerous virus-checking software packages on the market that you should use to check your software and you should update these regularly. Additionally, you need to educate your employees on the importance of being wary of unchecked software.

Using the Virus Scan Interface

The SAP Web Application Server has a virus scan interface that you can use to have data created or used by SAP software (or your own applications) checked for viruses. The interface itself consists of both an external interface for use with certified virus scan software vendors and an internal interface that you can use in your own developments. In addition, we provide a Business Add-In to integrate existing solutions.

For more information, see Virus Scan Interface.

SAP Software Virus Checks

We check the SAP software and data media for viruses before delivery. The SAP GUI for Windows presentation software also performs an integrity check on itself, which detects and reports any changes that may indicate a virus infection.