Alert Management (ALM)

Alert Management (ALM) is an ideal solution if you can identify specific business or technical situations that are critical and could jeopardize efficient operation, and you want specific parties to be informed if these situations arise.

Defining Users in ALM

A communication user has to be created on the central alert server and assigned the role SAP_BC_ALM_ALERT_USER.
For more information, see User Types.

Roles Used in ALM

The following predefined user roles are available for customizing and administration:

·        SAP_BC_ALM_CUST

This role contains authorizations for alert management configuration.


This role contains authorizations for all configuration and administration activities. An administrator who has been assigned this role can also read and confirm alerts for other users. In addition, the administrator is authorized to delete, escalate, and deliver alerts as well as to delete logs.


This role contains authorizations for the sending of alerts via external communication methods (e-mail, sms, fax) and for inbound processing.

For more information, see the Authorization Concept section in the Alert Management documentation.