Security Guides for Standalone Engines and Tools

Standalone engines of SAP NetWeaver are additional installable software units. They are not working as full-blown systems of SAP NetWeaver, but standalone engines that provide one specific (server) functionality in combination with one or multiple usage types.

For SAP NetWeaver, we provide security guides for the following standalone engines:

?     Search and Classification (TREX) Security Guide

?     SAP Content Server Security Guide

?     Security Aspects for the SAP Web Dispatcher

For the following standalone tools, see the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Security Guide:

?     J2EE Adapter Engine

The security aspects to consider when using the non-central version of the J2EE Adapter Engine are the same as for the central version. These aspects are described in detail in the SAP NetWeaver PI Security Guide.

?     J2SE Adapter Engine

The Plain J2SE Adapter Engine is only supported for compatibility reasons. It hosts only a subset of the adapter functionality and does not support standard security features as security logs or integrated user management. You should only use the Plain J2SE Adapter Engine if it is a precondition in your environment.