The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio: Security Aspects

Observe the following, to ensure that you can work with the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio seamlessly and without encountering any problems – in particular, with respect to security for your project data:

General Note

You must ensure that the Developer Studio is not installed or used in “production” networks.

Project Resources: Security

The project resources are available as files – such as Java files, XML descriptor files, or graphics – and are integrated in the file system. By default, project contents are stored in the Eclipse workspace. Protection of project resources is thus subject to the security criteria of the operating system (such as Windows 2000 or XP). The computers, and in particular the relevant directories, must therefore be protected accordingly. This means, for example, that you – the developer – should not share project directories.

User Identification During Deployment

To be able to deploy project archives, such as EAR or SDA files, directly from the project view of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to the SAP J2EE Engine, you must establish a connection to the SDM server. Provided you log on to the SDM server using the default password, this connection is made without an explicit user identification. If, however, you use a specific password, you must enter it for the deployment.