Security Guide for Usage Type BI

Usage type BI provides the foundation for scenarios such as Enterprise Data Warehousing, Enterprise Reporting, Query, and Analysis and Business Planning and Analytical Services. It includes the complete ABAP stack of the SAP NetWeaver BI data warehouse and BI platform components.

BI provides the infrastructure for:

·        Data warehousing

·        Various analytical technologies and functions

·        Web-based reporting and analysis

·        Information Broadcasting to distribute BI content by e-mail or by using the portal either as pre-calculated documents with past data, or as links with live data

·        Open analysis interfaces that make available various interfaces for connecting front-end tools of third-party providers

·        Web design API which allows you to realize highly individual scenarios and demanding applications with customer-defined interface elements

In addition, there is the usage type BI-Java that provides the Java runtime for IT scenarios such as Enterprise Reporting, Query, and Analysis as well as Business Planning and Analytical Services. It enables variants such as information broadcasting and ad-hoc query & analysis. It also enables Web Dynpro based BI applications and third party data access with Universal Data integration.

The security aspects that apply to these usage types are explained in the SAP Business Information Warehouse Security Guide.