Running an Enterprise Portal: Security Aspects

The Running an Enterprise Portal IT scenario provides all the members of a company’s value chain—with uniform, role-based, and secure access to their day-to-day work and information resources through a Web-based portal interface. These resources include SAP applications, third-party applications, databases, data warehouses, desktop documents, Web content, and services. The portal makes it possible to search internal and external sources, and to access both structured and unstructured information from any geographical location throughout the organization.

The following scenario variants are derived from this IT scenario:

?     Providing Uniform Content Access

?     Implementing a Federated Portal Network

?     Implementing an External-Facing Portal

To successfully deploy and run each scenario variant, you need to consider a number of security aspects. Some of these security aspects are generic to all scenario variants, while others are scenario-specific.

Refer to the subtopics in this section for an overview of the security aspects relevant to each scenario variant.