Speeding up the Start of the AFB


When you start the Archive File Browser loading the archive file in particular can be very time-consuming. You are recommended to create a filter for the overview and to make this a default setting.



       1.      Having started the AFB, select the filter function over the archive files overview. Choose fields that substantially narrow down the search, such as the number of the archiving session or the creation date.

       2.      Choose Save Layout... in the drop-down menu for the archive file layout editing. Make sure that Filter Conditions has been selected.

       3.      Enter a name and description for the layout. Save the layout.

       4.      Choose Manage Layout… and select your layout to be the default setting.


When you next start the Archive File Browser only those archive files that match the filter will be included in the overview.

While you are working with the AFB, you can change the filter criteria at any time if you want to work with other archive files.