Header Information


The header information contains the current data object. For an overview of the screen areas of the AFB see User Interface.


In the header information you can place the cursor directly on a particular data object within an archive file.

Header Information Fields


Description and Notes

Archive file

Archive file for the current data object

This archive file is also expanded and selected in the archive file overview unless this selection has been changed manually or you are currently evaluating a background search and the hit is not located within an archive file from the overview.

Data Object

The number of the current data object within its archive file

This field usually displays a value between one and the number of data objects in the archive file. In the Hex Display you may also find data object number 0 (zero). Then the beginning of the archive file is displayed. If you enter the offset of a data object direct in the field Offset, then Unknown appears in the field Data Object.     
The field is ready for input as soon as a data object has been selected for the first time.    

You should note that direct entry could entail a long runtime, as the archive file may be read sequentially.


Number of data objects in the archive file.


Offset of the current data object

To find a data object as quickly as possible, enter a value in the field Offset.

Note that if you enter the offset direct, the functions Previous Data Object and Next Data Object can no longer be used.