Areas Covered by the Search

Files to be Searched

In the area Files to be Searched you determine which files are to be searched. The files are represented as a list of archive file keys. The sequence of the files corresponds to the display in the archive files overview. The search is made in the archive files overview from top to bottom. Only those files that are located in the area Files to be Searched are searched.

You should note that if you remove files from this area before you choose Cont. Search, these files are no longer included in the new search.

You can transfer additional files from the archive files overview using drag and drop. If you use an archiving session or archiving object in the search area instead of individual files, then all archive files that are in the overview under this session or object are included in the area to be searched. The system sorts the files in the correct order.

Search Criteria

In the area Search Criteria you determine which table contents you want to search for in the archive files. It is only ever possible to search for the contents of an individual table. You either enter this table direct or select it using Another Table. Only those tables matching the archiving objects of the files to be searched are offered. If you have not yet determined any files to be searched, then all tables for all archiving objects from the archive file overview are used.

When you choose a new table, the system automatically proposes the first ten fields of this table as the selection criteria. You can change this selection using Field Selection. You can select a maximum of 75 fields.

The individual selections work on the same basis as those on the selection screen of a report. Wildcards, selection areas (From – To), multiple selections and so on are all supported.

Note that the system ignores application specifics, such as particular conversion exits.

Search Mode

For more information, see Search Mode.