Searching for Table Contents


You can use the search for table contents to search through archive files. In doing so, you search for data objects that satisfy particular criteria. These criteria consist of selection criteria for just one table.

The system searches through the files in sequence and displays the data objects. If you want to search through larger or numerous archive files, you can also execute the search in the background.


You have the option of carrying out the search in the foreground, or of scheduling the search request for the background and evaluating the result later.

For additional information, see Searching Online for Table Contents and Searching for Table Contents in the Background.


With a search using Find or Start Search, the system searches through the selected files in the same order they are found in the archive file overview. The system only searches through files that could actually contain the table from the selection criteria. The system obtains this information from the definition of the archiving objects, and not direct from the archive files.

Once the system has found a matching data object, it switches to the view Table and displays the table entries from the search criteria, meaning it displays all entries for the data object, and not just those that match the selection.

At this point you can switch to the other views, and use all of the other navigation options.

You can continue the search with Cont. Search. Using this function you can do a complete search through each of the files you want to search, in succession.

When the system finds a matching data object, it only switches to the view Table if you are not already in one of the other views Data Object, Table or Hex Display.

Search Procedure

The system checks whether the file for the current data object is in the search area. If this is the case, the system continues the search with the next data object. If the current data object is the last in its file, the system continues with the first data object of the next file in the search area.

If the current file is not in the search area, the system continues with the next file that is found in the search area. The next file in this case is determined by the sequence in the archive file overview.

When carrying on with a search, the current search criteria are always used, and these may differ from the search criteria at the start of the search.

You can navigate freely between two search steps as necessary, and also change the search area and search criteria.

If the system has reached the end of the search area, it generates a corresponding message and deactivates the Cont. Search function. It makes no difference whether the end of the search area was actually reached by the search or by any of the other navigation functions.