Skipping 10 Data Objects or an Archive File


You establish that during the search, meaning you have chosen Start Search or Cont. Search (Continue Search), that although hits may occur in the next 10 data objects or within the current file, they are of no interest to you, so you want use the normal navigation to skip them.


Area you want to skip


10 Data objects

Add 10 to the current data object number and enter the result in the field Data Object.

One archive file

Choose Next File.


You can also choose the next file in the overview by double-clicking, or if you are in the online search, delete the current file from the search area.

Make sure that the current data object is not included in the search with the Cont. Search. If the current data object has not therefore been selected through the search then you have to check yourself whether it meets your selection criteria, or you must go back one data object before you choose Cont. Search.