Find Data Object 17 in Archive File 003755-001BC_SFLIGHT Quickly


You would like to find data object 17 in archive file 003755-001BC_SFLIGHT as quickly as possible.



       1.      Choose Find above the archive files overview.

       2.      In the following dialog box enter the file key 003755-001BC_SFLIGHT. If the system does not find the file this way, check the filter settings in the archive files overview.

       3.      Double-click on the file key 003755-001BC_SFLIGHT.

       4.      Enter the number of the data object, in this case 17, in the field Data Object and choose the data release.


The system reads archive file 003755-001BC_SFLIGHT up to the 17th data object, and displays this in the view Data Object. From there you can then navigate to other views or to other data objects.