Searching for Table Contents in the Background


You may find the online search is often unsuitable for searching through several or large archive files, and it is better to run time-intensive processes in the background. The Archive File Browser gives you the option of saving your search requests, processing them in the background and evaluating the results later.

Finding table contents in the background should only be used for ad hoc search requests. If you regularly need to access archived data quickly, you are recommended to use the Archive Information System.



       1.      Determine which files you want to search and the search criteria. For additional information, see Searching Online for Table Contents. 

       2.      Choose Save for Background Search on the tab page Search.

       3.      In the following dialog box, enter a unique text as the search description. You will later need to use this text to identify your search.

The system saves your search request. The selection of files to be searched and the search criteria all belong to the search request. In addition, a new entry appears in the area Search Mode bearing the description you entered.

       4.      Schedule program ASAFBSEARCH in the background using transaction SA38

Program ASAFBSEARCH processes all pending search requests. All files are always read through completely. The program determines all hits.

       5.      Once the program has finished, start the AFB using transaction AS_AFB.

       6.      Select your search request and then choose Load Search Results.


The system loads the search area, the search criteria and the results of your search. The result covers both the hit list and any messages that are generated.

Both the search area and the search criteria can no longer be changed or are no longer ready for input. The Search Mode switches from Online Search to Background Search Report.

As with the online search, you can navigate in the search result using Start Search and Cont. Search (Continue Search). The system functions in the same way as with the search in dialog mode, except that you are unable to change the search.

If you want to exit the results of the background search report in order to enter a new search, switch to the tab page Search and choose Online Search in the area Search Mode.

Messages when searching in the background

The system saves any messages that are generated along with the search results. During the search error messages may occur, for example, if archive files cannot be accessed or are defective. These messages are displayed in the course of the background search report, just as for the online search.