Search Mode

In the search mode area, you determine using the functions Online Search and Background Search Report which database the system chooses for the Start Search and Cont. Search (Continue Search) functions.

·        Online Search: the system searches through the archive files direct.

·        Background Search Report: the system evaluates the results of a background search previously carried out.

To switch between the two options, choose Load Search Results.

·        Load Search Results: You want to choose the results of a background search and make them available for the evaluation. To do this, the list of the files to be searched and the search criteria stored with the search request are downloaded and displayed.

If results for the search request downloaded are already available, the system changes the search mode to Background Search Report, and changes are not possible. If no results are available, the system changes the mode to Online Search, and changes to both the search area and search criteria are possible.

To start the search or report, choose Start Search.

Change of Search Mode to Online Search

When you change the search mode from Background Search Report to Online Search the search results are discarded for the time being, and you can change the search area and criteria.

If you have already started the background search report, the function Cont. Search continues to be active. You can use this function to find the next hit online. However, the files and not the result of the background search are searched.

Change of Search Mode to Background Search Report

For a manual change from Online Search to Background Search Report you must have at least one search request with results. Only in this case can you switch to Background Search Report.

If a previously completed search request has already been downloaded, the system uses this. Otherwise the system selects the completed search request that is uppermost in the list.

List of Search Requests

The list of search requests contains the possible search requests and informs you which of these requests has already been processed by search program ASAFBSEARCH.

List of Functions for Search Requests



Save for Background Search

For additional information, see Searching for Table Contents in the Background.

Load Search Results

For additional information, see Searching for Table Contents in the Background.


To download the search requests again. The selection representing the processing status is updated.

Delete Entry

To delete search requests. You can delete completed requests and requests not yet processed.