Inserting Data Records


You can use the Form dialog to insert new data records in tables on a screen display.


·         You need to choose change mode in order to execute the Form dialog.

·         You need to have the required user authorizations.

For an explanation of user authorizations, see the Database users section of the Concepts of the Database System documentation.



       1.      In the screen display, choose Form Dialog ® New. An empty input form opens.

       2.      Enter your data. Note the following points when doing this:

Ў        The names of key columns are displayed in bold.

Ў        For a NULL value, enter the NULL value displayed according to your user settings (?, for example).

Ў        If you leave a field blank when you insert a data record, the system interprets this as follows:

§         If a DEFAULT value is defined for the relevant column, this value is copied to the database table.

§         If there is no DEFAULT value defined for the relevant column, the NULL value is copied to the database table.

Ў        You can import and export contents from LONG columns.

       3.      Choose Insert. SQL Studio stores the new data record in the table.
An additional input form opens. You can enter further data on this form directly and insert this as data records.

       4.      If you do not want to insert any more data records, deselect Form Dialog® New.

       5.      To view the new data records in a list, choose Refresh and then Report.

When inserting data records, you can use an existing data record from the same table as a template. Scroll to this data record, enter your changes, and choose Insert. The data record is inserted in the table as a new data record.