Creating a View Table


You can use SQL Studio to create view tables.


?     If you want the view table to be based on a database query, you first need to save this query as an SQL Studio object.

?     You need to have the necessary user authorizations and the NOT EXCLUSIVE user attribute.

For an explanation of user authorizations and user attributes, see the Database Users section of the Concepts of the Database System documentation and the Authorization section of the SQL Reference Manual.



       1.      Choose Catalog Manager® New ® View Definition.
A window for defining the view table is opened.

       2.      To use a database table as a basis for the view table, choose View Definition ® Get Table. Choose the relevant database table, and click OK to confirm.

       3.      To use the result set structure of a stored database query as the basis for the view table, choose View Definition ®Get Stored Query.Wдhlen Sie die gewьnschte Datenbankanfrage, und bestдtigen Sie mit OK.

       4.      Enter a name for the view table.

       5.      If you want to rename the columns of your view table, enter the new column names in Alias in View.

       6.      Choose the required options:

Replace Existing View

Replace the existing view table

Check on Insert or Update

Check the view conditions when changing values

Identifiers Uppercase

Automatically converts table names and column headers into upper case.

       7.      Choose View Definition ® Create View.

To export the SQL statement for creating the view table to the SQL dialog, choose View Definition ® Export to SQL Dialog.

For information on the syntax of CREATE VIEW statements, see the CREATE VIEW Statement section of the SQL Reference Manual.