Software Information

You can use the MaxDB software to create, use and manage MaxDB databases. You can use a MaxDB database as the database for an SAP system, among other uses.

Prior to version 7.5, MaxDB was delivered under the name SAP DB.

You can download the MaxDB software, MaxDB documentation and the demo database from the MaxDB website; see Download and Version Notation. MaxDB supports all major platforms; see Supported Operating Systems and Platforms.

You need a commercial license to develop commercial software based on MaxDB. You can get a commercial license for MaxDB from SAP and from MySQL. For open source and other software development projects for testing and educational purposes, MaxDB is also available under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL); see and Open Source Development of the Database Software.

There are a number of ways to get help if you have any questions or problems; see Support and Tracking Problem Messages with Web PTS.

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