Travel Manager

Technical Name: OROLE_0032

Task Area

The travel manager forms the in-house travel policy and heads the cooperative dealings with the providers of travel services. His main tasks include:

  • Determining, planning and acquiring of travel services
  • Negotiating with service providers to work out special conditions
  • Analyzing travel bookings and expenses data relevant to management
  • Developing in-house travel policy and being responsible for its application
  • Organizing the internal travel-specific processes and forms of posting
  • Monitoring efficiency

The BW Business Content reporting function supports the travel manager in the evaluation of data for planned and existing trips and in the settlement of these. Using BW he can obtain, for example, information about travel destinations, sales volumes with hotel chains and car rental companies, or expense receipt statistics immediately.

The use of the queries available in BW Content makes both the control of the travel policy and the development of in-house strategies for the reduction of travel costs easier. The data determined strengthens the travel manager's negotiating position when negotiating rates with respective flight, car rental and hotel providers.


Tasks in the Business Information Warehouse

The travel manager's tasks are primarily of a strategic nature. In order to accomplish these tasks, BW Business Content makes information available in workbooks.

Each task corresponds to a cluster of one or more workbooks. The workbooks in Travel Management each contain one query that delivers the relevant information. The tasks (clusters) are logically grouped together into task areas (sub-channels).

Tasks (Cluster)


Travel Planning

Individual Flights


Flight Bookings by City Pairs


Flight Bookings by Provider


Hotel Bookings by Provider


Hotel Bookings by Geographic Hierarchy


Car Rentals by Provider


Car Rentals by Geographic Hierarchy

Travel Expenses

Overview of Travel Expenses


Number of Trips


Expense Receipts