Enqueue Service


The Enqueue Service is used to manage logical locks. The tried and tested SAP lock concept is used for this (see Functions of the SAP Lock Concept).

The terms Enqueue Server and Enqueue Service are used synonymously here. The correct expression is that the Enqueue Server is the program or process that provides the Enqueue Service.


The Enqueue Service has the following tasks:

·        Internally it is used for synchronization within the Java cluster.

·        The applications can lock objects and release locks again. The Enqueue Service processes these requests and manages the lock table with the existing locks.


The Enqueue Service runs on the Central Services instance of the Java cluster. It manages the lock table in the main memory and receives requests for setting or releasing locks. 

It maps the logical locks to the database.

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The Enqueue Service can be configured for high availability, by setting it up with the replication server and a platform-independent high availability solution.

For more information, see Standalone Enqueue Server.