View Set

The concept of view sets is only offered in Web Dynpro for Java.

A view set provides a visual frame with predefined subsections into which you can embed your views at design time.

Using view sets is particularly advantageous when you design, implement, or display the user interface of a Web Dynpro application:

·        Structured option to display more than one view in a screen

·        Efficient support when designing user interfaces

·        Possibility of using the predefined areas to make changes to the layout at a later stage

·        Reuse of views within a Web Dynpro window


The Web Dynpro framework provides the following preconfigured view sets:


T layout

T layout 90°

T layout 180°

T layout 270°

Grid layout

Tab strip

Displaying a view and its embedded view sets always occupies 100% of the screen display area.

However, you can define a view set and, at design time, embed an empty view in a selected area of a view set. This area is displayed as an empty area at runtime. For more information about empty views, see View.