Dependencies Between DC Types

There are several ways of using other DCs. They depend on the types of the DCs. You can find the following types of use dependencies in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio under Dependency Types, whenever you create a use dependency between two DCs:

·        Design Time (needed for special editors only)

This dependency between components can be used by special tools.

A visual editor which needs images for the preview to the user interface. They are needed neither for the build nor at runtime.

Currently, this option is not used.

·        Build Time (needed for compilation)

This dependency specifies that a component is used during compilation or when wrapping another component.

A use dependency of this type from DC 2 to DC 1 states that DC 2 needs the build results of DC1. Therefore, DC1 must be built before DC2.

If you do not select "At Build Time”, only the DC definitions of the used DCs must be available. “At Build Time” thus can be interpreted as “The build results are used”.

·        Deploy Time (refuses deployment if dependants are missing)

This dependency specifies that a used component must already exist in the runtime system to allow the using component to be deployed.

Declaring a use dependency, for example, to a Java DC would trigger an error during the build, because building a Java DC does not produce a deployable build result.

·        Run Time (if one deployable uses another one)

This dependency specifies that a component requires another component at runtime. This means that it can be used meaningfully only if both DCs have deployable results.

A use dependency of this type is meaningful if one J2EE library uses another one at runtime.

A use dependency from a J2EE library to a DC for mobile devices does not make sense. The same applies for a simple Java DC, because it is not deployable.

You can combine any of these uses.

Because the existence of a deployable build result is important for many use dependencies, the list below shows some examples.

DC Types with and without Deployable Build Result

DCs with Deployable Build Result

DCs without Deployable Build Result

J2EE Enterprise Application

Java DCs (is wrapped in another DC such as a J2EE server library)

J2EE Server Library

Web Module DC (is wrapped in a J2EE Enterprise Application)

J2EE Server Interface

EJB Module DC (is wrapped in a J2EE Enterprise Application)

Web Dynpro DC

Portal Application Module

Portal Application


For more information, see Types of Development Components and SAP Note 798872.

It is not always sufficient to declare the use dependency at runtime. For many component types, you must additionally set dependencies in the deployment descriptors depending on the used platform.