The component controller allows you to create events.

Events are used to communicate between controllers and enable one controller to trigger event handlers in a different controller.

Cross-component communication can be implemented using the interface controller’s events. Events that were created in the component controller are visible within the component only.

Inbound Plugs

Inbound plugs in a view also react like an event. Therefore, when a view is called using an inbound plug, the event handler that is optionally available for the inbound plug is always called first. In this case event handling takes place within the current view controller, however.

The same applies for the inbound plugs of an interface view. In the corresponding window controller, an event handler is created. It can then be programmed further, as appropriate.

UI Element Events

Some UI elements, such as the Button element have special events that are linked with user actions. These events are predefined and have to be linked with an action at design time.