Versioning of Software Components

From the point of view of time, a software component (SC) exists in well-defined, consecutive states or versions.  A state of a software component encloses a certain state of each of its assigned components. The state of a component is determined by its sources, attributes and dependencies at a given point in time. (Implicitly, every time a change in the source code is released, a new state of a software component is created; however, these states are usually of no interest.)

For delivery, deployment and maintenance, certain states of a software component can be recorded as a release. The person responsible for the software component makes this decision: It is not stored in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio or in the development infrastructure. The state of the SC then corresponds to the state of your development components at this point in time. For more information on versioning components and source code, see Design Time Repository.

DCs do not have a state of their own. Implicitly, they always adopt the respective state of their software component.

For more information, see Freezing Development States.