The Term ‘System’ in CMS

Change Management Service (CMS) transports software changes between systems. In the context of CMS, a system can consist of a development configuration and a runtime system. Depending on whether you want to deploy source code or deployable archives, a system can contain just a development configuration, just a runtime system, or both.

Systems in the Development Track

The term ‘system’ always indicates the current lifecycle state of a software component. However, there is a difference between systems with a source code repository and systems without a source code repository. For NetWeaver Development Infrastructure, the source code repository is the Design Time Repository (DTR).

Systems with a Source Code Repository

When a development track is configured, the Development and Consolidation systems are always created and they always contain a development configuration. The development configuration creates the link to the DTR.

Software can be developed and consolidated in both of these systems. Both systems can exist without any runtime systems being configured in the development track.

Systems Without a Source Code Repository

The Test and Production systems provide runtime environments for fully developed software. For this reason, they are available in the development track only if a corresponding runtime system has been configured.

Systems in the XI Track

In an XI track, the entered XI systems are always the runtime systems.


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