Development Tracks

A development track contains all development configurations and all runtime systems that are needed to develop, test, and produce one or more software components. 

Development configurations contain information about dependencies between software components, and the assignments between DTR workspaces and CBS buildspaces.

Runtime systems are systems in which you can test and use the software components you have developed in a runtime environment.

A development track now contains the development configurations and runtime systems for the various development states of the software component. The following development states are available for Software Change Management:

·        Development

·        Consolidation

·        Test

·        Production

The software component goes through all of these states during its lifecycle. The Change Management Service (CMS) propagates the component from one state to the next.

These development states can differ according to the way the track is used. The states listed here are taken from the current track template for development.

The graphic below is a schematic representation of a development track and its development configurations and runtime systems.