Dictionary DC


A Dictionary DC defines global data structures that will be created in the database on the server where the DC will be deployed. Since the data structures will be created in a central database, it is important to use unique names. To ensure this, the name server will allow only certain prefixes for table names.

The product of a Dictionary DC is a Software Deployment Archive (SDA) that can be deployed on the server. (To create the archive locally, use the DC build or choose Create Archive from the context menu on the Dictionary project in the Dictionary Explorer).

To use the structures created in a Dictionary DC in another DC, your must add the simple types, structures, or tables to a public part. To do this, choose Add to Public Part in the context menu of the entity.

It is good practice to create consistent public parts: If a you add a table to a public part, you should also add the simple types referenced by the table to the same public part.

Build Result

An sda-file (software deployment archive). You can create the archive locally by choosing Create Archive from the context menu of the project in the Dictionary Explorer.


Dictionary DCs are best handled using the Dictionary Explorer in the Dictionary Perspective.