Interfaces of Web Dynpro Components

Each component has an interface in order to enable communication between Web Dynpro components and to enable a component to be called up by a user. This interface consists of two parts:

Interface View of a Window Contained in a Component

The interface view of a Web Dynpro window is used to link a window with a Web Dynpro application that can be called by the user.

An embedded component can also be integrated in one of the windows of the embedded component using inbound and outbound plugs. These inbound and outbound plugs are implemented as part of the respective window. The window of the embedded component can behave like a view with regard to navigation. (See also Web Dynpro Window)

The window of the inner component does not have to have graphical elements. It can also be available for the functions contained in your component controller or for contexts for the embedding component.

Interface Controller of a Component

As well as the visual part, the interface of a Web Dynpro component also has a programmatic part, the interface controller. This is visible inside and outside of the component, and performs the program side of the exchange of business data. An embedding component can also call an embedded component using this controller.

The interface controller, like the interface view, is not an independently implemented object. Instead, the visibility of methods and events of the component controller can be extended beyond the limitations of the component in question.   

An additional option for data exchange between the embedding and embedded component is cross-component context mapping.

The interface of a Web Dynpro component can also be defined independently without implementation. It is therefore possible to separate the development of the Web Dynpro component and the development of one use of the Web Dynpro component. You can also create multiple interface implementations for a Web Dynpro component. For each interface, the required implementation is not selected until runtime. The interface and implementation are linked by the same name.