Profile Parameters for the J2EE Engine

The following overview describes the profile parameter within the J2EE Engine.

You can also find the parameters and documentation in transaction RZ11.




Default Value


You use this parameter to determine the ICM’s communication with the J2EE Engine. 

The description is in section icm/HTTP/j2ee_<xx>.                                                                              

Character string



Number of incorrect attempts to start a J2EE Engine before the restart is deactivated.

By dynamically switching using parameter rdisp/j2ee_start, you can reactivate the restart.  

Integer (number of attempts)



You can use this parameter to activate or deactivate starting the J2EE Engine.                                    

The start of the J2EE Engine is automatically deactivated if a specific number of attempts (rdisp/j2ee_error) to start the server failed.                                     

You can reactivate the start by dynamically changing this parameter to the value of 1.                           

Logical value



If this parameter is set to 1, the following applies:                      

If a J2EE Engine is to be started (parameter rdisp/j2ee_start ), it is not started until the ABAP runtime environment has been fully initialized. This avoids problems that are caused by a long initialization phase.                                                

If the parameter has the value 0 (default), then the J2EE Engine can be started without waiting for the ABAP initialization.       

Logical value



Within this time span, the J2EE Engine must log on to the dispatcher. If not, it is assumed that the J2EE Engine had problems starting and it is started again. You can determine the number of incorrect start attempts using parameter rdisp/j2ee_error. If this number of start attempts failed, this deactivates the J2EE Engine from starting.                                                 

By dynamically switching using parameter rdisp/j2ee_start, you can reactivate the restart.