Software Components and Software Change Management

Within a track, you develop one or more software components. For more information, see Software Components.

Since the software components are also vital for maintenance, they must be unique globally and any changes to them must be traceable. The version of a software component is given a unique description that comprises the following keys:

·        Vendor

·        Name

·        Location

·        Counter

Using this information, the CMS can compare any two versions of a software component and find out which is the newer version.

The CMS can also find out whether two versions of the same software component originate from a common source version.

The software components are also given the following attributes:

·        Release

·        Service Level

The software components are created and stored in the central Component Repository of the System Landscape Directory (SLD).

When you create new software components, you must also define and save any dependencies on other software components. The CMS uses this information later in the track configuration.

Connection Between the Software Component and the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

Within the development infrastructure, the versions of the software components are assigned to a Design Time workspace (DTR workspace) and a Component Build Server buildspace (CBS buildspace).

The DTR workspace and the CBS buildspace are themselves assigned to a development track. This unique assignment guarantees the consistent transport of the software component within a development landscape.

The relationship between the development track, DTR workspace, and CBS buildspace is stored in a development configuration. In addition, the development configuration contains information about the dependencies between software components. (See also Development Configurations – Concepts.)

A development configuration is created when you configure a track; it is then available to be downloaded in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. This configuration represents a logical environment in which a software component is developed.

See also: The Term ‘System’ in the CMS