Deployment of a New Application

If a new application is to be written to the database, the central components of the cluster must work together, as shown in the figure below:

       1.      The Configuration Manager requests a lock from the Locking Manager (see Architecture of the Locking Adapter Service). The Locking Manager in turn requests the lock from the Enqueue Service. The relevant area in the database is locked.

       2.      The Configuration Manager writes the application data to the database.

       3.      The Configuration Manager triggers the Cluster Manager of its server process to publish the new application in the cluster. To do this, the Cluster Manager passes the message to the Message Service, which forwards the message to all the server processes in the cluster (broadcast).

       4.      The other server processes load the application from the database. The application can then be run in the entire cluster.

The figure below shows the components involved and the communication between them.



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